GCJGL Rules of Play

Format: Scramble. All players may improve their lie within one club length of the original lie anywhere on the golf course (including hazards) no nearer the hole while maintaining the same condition. For each event, teams will be broken down into 2 person scramble pairings. When you turn be sure to stay on the same side (front nine or back nine). Scoring for each team will be the total of the two lowest scramble scores for the team.

Tees: Age Group 12+…GCJGL RED TEE; Age Group 10-11…GCJGL YELLOW TEE(~20% advantage); Age Group 8-9…GCJGL GREEN TEE(~50% advantage); Age Group 7 & under…GCJGL BLUE TEE(~60% advantage) NOTE: All girls have the option of moving forward one tee box if available.

  • Spectators and officials are allowed to shuttle players between the play of any hole, but not from tee to green.

General Rules & Policies

  1. USGA rules will govern all play except where it is necessary to apply local rules. Decisions of the members of the rules committee will be final in all matters concerning the interpretation and enforcement of the Rules of Golf and the tournament rules of the GCJGL.
  2. Use of tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages, or betting by contestants during any tournament is strictly prohibited. Violators will be disqualified.
  3. Code of Conduct...A two-stroke penalty may be assessed against any contestant/team for use of profanity or throwing golf equipment during any tournament. These actions may also be grounds for immediate disqualification from the tournament by the Rules Committee depending on severity. In the event of damage to any part of the golf course, the player shall be disqualified from the event and, at the discretion of the Committee, may forfeit GCJGL membership. (The GCJGL provides a worthwhile activity which can be pursued throughout life and which helps develop character and good sportsmanship. The GCJGL Code of Conduct is a guideline for junior golfers to follow throughout the tournaments, both on and off the course. It is not intended to scare players, but to help GCJGL participants understand the consequences of their actions.)
  4. The Maximum Allowable Stroke Limit per hole is double bogey (or 2 over par for the hole.) If your pairing misses it’s stroke for bogey (or 1 over par for the hole) you may pick it up, move to the next hole, and record a double bogey as your score for that hole.
  5. Unintentional grounding in a hazard (water hazard or bunker) will not be a penalty in these events however we would like to encourage our players not ground their clubs in a hazard.
  6. NOTICE...All out of bounds will be played the same as a lateral water hazard with the exception that you may not play a ball from out of bounds.  Teams that need to play a ball that ended up out of bounds must drop their ball back on the golf course (in bounds) within two club lengths of the point of entry and then add one stroke to their score.
  7. Whiff rule is in effect on tee shots only for all players. If a player does not advance the ball more than three club lengths on any tee shot they may try again (maximum of 3 whiffs per tee shot) without penalty.  All other whiffs count as a stroke.
  8. TIES...All team ties will be broken using by using the next lowest score on the team.  Team that does not have next low score available must forfeit the tie breaker.  Ties for lowest pairing on a team will be decided by using a sudden victorty scorecard playoff starting with the lowest handicap hole and will continue to next lowest handicap hole if a tie still exists.

Playing scorers/Substitutions: Priority will be given to allow all players to play a complete event first and foremost.

  • If we have an odd number of teams we will allow the odd 2 person scramble pairing to play by themselves with a scorer (if available.)
  • If two singles (even if from different teams) then they must be paired together as a scramble pairing and use their score toward both teams represented.
  • If we have a single, not by choice, without possibility of pairing them up with another player even on an opposing team then the league will allow that single to play two balls and select the best shot (scramble) on each shot until their shot comes to rest on the green. Once on the green this single will only play one stroke for each attempted putt.

GCJGL Rules Committee:

Host Golf Professionals and any other designated members

GCJGL Board Members

Thanks for playing the GCJGL! Have fun!

Pace of Play Guidelines

  • All groups should finish each hole in 13 minutes or less
  • Be sure to move quickly between shots
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn to play
  • Leave your clubs between the green and the next tee so you do not backtrack when heading to the next hole
  • If you do not make bogey then pick up and move to next hole…DOUBLE BOGEY MAX
  • Coaches, caddies, and spectators please help monitor time on each hole and let our players know how they stand
  • PRACTICE…practice is for practice. Don’t practice during events. Get the ball in the hole as fast as possible. This will make your scores lower and you will have more fun!